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As most of endeavours of this kind, restoring HIR 3 and taking her around the world was a project of pure enthusiasm and beyond reason, shall you ask our accounting. Shall you ask our friends and followers, we are their heroes and they gladly support our insanity.

We are a non-profit, focused on preservation of vintage boat(s) and promotion of sailing among general public. Our activities are funded by our members and by generosity of few sponsors who appreciate our efforts.

After 2 years of circumnavigation, there is a lot of work to be done and a lot of gear to be replaced and bought new. Every bit of support we can get will be of great help and highly appreciated – whether you can offer to do some repairs on the boat, provide a discount or donate some items, sew sails or canvas items, every little bit counts! A list of required help is available at request.

If you would like to support the refit of HIR 3 with a donation, you can do that as a company (formally, either as a donor or a sponsor – you get a contract and all) or as an individual (less formalities, small monthly donations via Patreon, one-time donations via PayPal or via plain bank transfer).


Udruga HIR 3

Bukovačka c. 73, Zagreb

OIB: 19220256848

IBAN: HR8123400091110731512 (Zagrebačka banka)

He gives twice, who gives fast.

Greek proverb

What is in it for you as an official sponsor?


Visibility on the boat (sails, hull and cockpit) over 3 years


Exposure on +10 regattas every year


Exposure all across the Adriatic (we sail +200 days a year!)


Feature in our videos, blogs and on Social media


Exposure to +10.000 eyes of our sailing community


You get to feel good for helping a legend sail strong again!


Got a better idea? Get in touch and we can do it together.

Our Beloved Sponsors

An island with centuries old tradition in boatbuilding and seamen education that keeps the tradition alive with annual nautical festival “Lošinj sails around the world”. We were proud to carry their sign on our mainsail all the way around the world.

The only insurance company that knew exactly how to structure an insurance policy for a “round-the-world” cruise and did it in no time for us. Our Wiener insurance policy was well accepted in 25 ports all over the world including some very exclusive yachts clubs  and it allowed us to travel safely.

The boatyard of Losinia Marina was our home for 3 months, while preparing for the adventure around the world. We could not recommend them more for the kindness and helpfulness in all matters related to boat repair and maintenance.

Reaching one’s physical limits on a daily basis, always having to perform more and more – especially sailing offshore – affects the body. OMNi-BiOTiC® POWER combines 6 bacterial strains tested in scientific studies, supplemented with valuable magnesium: this mineral is especially appreciated by physically active people for its contribution to normal muscle function and to reducing tiredness and fatigue. One daily sachet of OMNi-BiOTiC® POWER – because every day we need energy. 

The official distributor of Raymarine Marine Electronics was quick to respond to our request for support – as we exhausted our autohelm ST2000  half way around the world, they were quick to replace it with a new ST2000 that worked perfectly all the way home. 

ProSport is a fruit-flavored isotonic sports drink enriched with vitamins and minerals, intended for professional athletes, recreational athletes and anyone exposed to increased physical effort. Too bad we could not load more of it aboard.

A facility management company whose management would have loved to participate in our adventure, but since they could not do it in person, they put their logo on our mast and we carried it around the globe.

Media Partners

One of leading national daily newspapers published numerous interviews and extensive articles about HIR 3, following our voyage as well as our blog in Croatian, HIR 3 Brodski dnevnik written by Saša Fegić.

The traditional weekly radio show of national Croatian Radio about seafarers followed our progress regularly, with Dorina Tikvicki calling in and checking on us every time Radio Pula was hosting the show. Find our interviews in their archives (shows hosted by Radio Pula). 

Another national newspapers that published full coverage of HIR 3 journey and close follow up of the last leg, publishing 32 weekly columns Pod lošinjskim jedrom written by Marina Đukanović. 

Local radio station that every morning featured daily follow up of our progress which kept us alive in the memories and hearts of people of Mali Lošinj.

Local news portal that never missed the opportunity to be the first to share our news and report on our progress around the world.