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We believe sailing is an outdoor activity that anyone can enjoy, no matter the age or fitness. It’s always fun and afterwards there are always stories to tell, sometimes even true! 

Discover the beauty of sailing or fall deeper in love with the wind and the sea joining the Sailing Tribe. Experience 1st time sailing aboard legendary HIR 3, hone your sail trimming & racing skills or dare to sail offshore with Saša Fegić, the man who sailed the world.

A boat with history and a skipper with the story.

This is likely the most experienced skipper + sailboat combo you can find. Between them, Saša and HIR 3 have over 70 years of sailing experience, more than 150.000 miles in the wake and a whole lot of stories to tell.

With 2 circumnavigations and +100.000 miles in her wake, HIR 3 is likely one of the most experienced sailboats around the Adriatic. Rescuing that boat and restoring her to sail around the world again has proven to be one of the most captivating stories, which put Saša Fegić and his upcoming book in the spotlight. 

Dare to sail further!

OFFSHORE sailing

Sail offshore with Saša Fegić, cover +400 miles in a week and round three great landmarks of Adriatic, Jabuka – Palagruža – Lastovo,  in one go!

An exclusive adventure with the man who sailed the world aboard an exceptionnal yacht, Salona 45. 

Take your sailing capabilities to the next level, learn new sailing techniques and hone your  navigation skills during this one-stop sailing expedition, designed to build your confidence and prepare you for long-distance sailing. Our offshore course includes passage planning, 24/7 watches, day & night navigation, shifts in all roles aboard, livaboard lifestyle and much more. 


Well,  this is not really a cruise, attending a formal schedule and stopping at designated ports, but rather crewing HIR 3 that is sailing from one regatta to another.

We’re  sailing casually along Adriatic coast  toward a heading port and stopping overnight at whatever island is in sight at the dusk.

If you are our Patron, you’re welcome to hop aboard and sail for free…

DAY SAILING Experience

New Crew Welcome

While we are at berth in Mali Lošinj or elsewhere, we often take a chance to sail out for a day or half-a-day. If there’s any wind, we’ll probably be out there, searching for the breeze and the best spot to take a dip. 

Join us aboard HIR 3 to learn a trick or two at trimming sheets or simply to discover the beauty of sailing under full sails, if you never sailed before. No sailing experience required!

There is no particular schedule. Just stop by the boat and ask about the forecast for tomorrow!

HIR 3 sailing Gladuša 2017

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 We are a non-commercial and non-profit crew. We sail for fun and we welcome aboard only fellow sailors and friends, those who are supporting HIR 3 maintenance and are thereby members of our Sailing Tribe .


I have no experience. Can I go sailing with you ?

Yes. We will welcome you aboard and combine you with people who can sail, so you can pick a thing or two if you want to. Maybe you decide you like sailing and want to learn more of it. 🙂

What equipment do I need for sailing?

That very much depends on the type of sailing you are joining and the season – equipment for  offshore off-season is somewhat more demanding than summertime day sailing. 🙂 A tophat, sunscreen, Windstopper and solid shoes/sneakers are always a good start. Water and food as well. Prior to boarding, you will get a short list of essential items to bring aboard, so you don’t come overloaded. 

Do I need to bring a lifejacket?

Most of the sailing that we do is inshore and does not require life jackets. However, HIR 3 is well equipped with safety gear, including life jackets and a life raft. 

Offshore is a different story – sailing high seas at night requires wearing a life jacket, so for offshore sailing, it is recommended to bring your own life jacket. 

How can I buy a ticket?

We are non-commercial crew and we do not sell tickets nor run excursions on a set schedule. So, there are no tickets to be purchased.

You are welcome to sail with us if you are a member of our Sailing Tribe. You can join the Tribe by being our sponsor, supporter or Patron

Can I book in advance?

Yes, you can sign up in advance to crew HIR 3 on one of the upcoming regatta, transfers or day sailing trips. 

Members of Sailing Tribe get regular notifications of our plans and are welcome to crew the boat. Sign up for our Newslettera and/or join our Sailing Tribe via Patreon.

What if it rains?

Well, it is not the rain, but the wind that we depend on. Too much wind or complete lack of it can really kill the fun and it’s the wind forecast that we look at. If it rains, we put on foul weather suits and sail on. Especially if we’re in the middle of a route. However, if the crew does not feel like sailing in foul weather, an agreement can be made to stay ashore.

It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.

Jim Rohn

 As with anything, the more information we provide the more questions will arise. To keep things easy and as simple as possible, we recommend you contact us with specific question and we’ll get back to you quickly. 

What Our Crew Say


Saša is a great guy! Self-effacing and unobtrusive, yet a good company. His stories of sea are captivating and he has a vast experience and knowledge of sea and sailing, which he is happy to share.
Saša is an excellent choice for a skipper and I’m thankful for the 5 fabulous days spent sailing.

– Andrea Pančur, Poreč


My first sailing ever was with Saša aboard HIR3. We were alone, so we had plenty of time to talk and Saša is an interesting companion, calm and pleasant. It is said that it can be awkward if company aboard does not suit you, but I cannot imagine the kind of person who could not agree with Saša.

– Milivoj Pejić, Zagreb


When Saša is skippering the boat, I feel safe and relaxed, happy and accepted. The knowledge he shares is priceless and I learned a lot from him. When someone asks for a skipper, if I like them, I recommend Saša wholeheartedly. And we sail on, whether bura or jugo blows, all happy and content.

– Anamarija Žanko, Split


I’ve been dreaming of ocean sailing since I read Moitessier. A month aboard HIR 3, sailing from Nouvelle Caledonie via Vanuatu to Fiji, was my dream come true. We’ve had true offshore experience, rough seas in +40 knots of wind, but I always felt safe.

Saša is the only guy I can imagine sailing even longer than a month since he is so quiet and kind. 

– Nelson Rabak, Pula


I’ve been on the boats before, but I never sailed before Saša & HIR 3. When the sails filled with wind and the engine went off, the loud sound of silence was overwhelming. I remember that moment as the one I fell in love with sailing. It is truly therapeutical and one should prescribe sailing against everyday stress and anxiety.

– Marina Đukanović, Mali Lošinj


I’ve sailed with Saša twice – my 1st sailing experience and my 1st offshore. Both times there was a great spirit aboard, despite the fact we all just met. As a skipper, Saša is extremely patient, tolerant and flexible. He himself makes a good company which is prerequisite for the above mentioned good vibe. Saša has a vast sailing knowledge and loves to share it, so one can really learn a lot.

Aboard HIR 3 I felt like at my own boat. She is modest but provides enough comfort and a very close touch with the sea.


– Helie Weissenbacher, Šibenik


Sailing aboard HIR 3 was my 1st ever. After a week, I discovered a passion for sailing I never knew. Ever since sailboats have been my favourite getaway from busy life and tranquilisers. Saša played a major role there – calm and relaxed, he moved around the deck as if it was a living room. I’m forever grateful to him for broadening my sea views beyond the beach and glimpsing at the islands in the distance, inciting the love for sailing.


– Tea Japunčić, Zagreb

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