Face the sea in its purest form – sailing offshore.

If you don’t fear pitch dark at sea nor losing sight of the land, if losing the mobile network does not scare you nor shedding a pound or two of weight, this is the adventure for you.

Take your sailing experience to a whole new level and hone your day & night navigation skills. Build confidence through non-stop sailing and simply enjoy a week of good time at sea.

Liveaboard lifestyle, self-sufficient and in sync with nature. Off the grid, most of the time. If you can cook or at least forge a meal, you will be the hero of the day.

So, you have sailed before and have some miles in the wake. Maybe you skippered a boat a few times for day sailing with friends & family or crewed in a few regattas. Now your ambitions are higher and you want to experience true offshore sailing. 

Maybe you dream of a longer cruise or even an ocean crossing, but you never sailed overnight or dared to take a chance on a long-distance sailing, for  the lack of confidence. 

Get your offshore experience with our skipper Saša Fegić, the man who sailed the world. Pick his brains for what he had learned crossing the 5 oceans, sailing 39.000 miles around the globe. 

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

 Andre Gide

OFFSHORE week with Sailing Tribe


A week in April 2022


Non-stop Offshore Sailing


+400 nautical miles


Rounding sailing landmarks Jabuka - Palagruža - Lastovo


Passage planning


Night sailing & navigation


Liveaboard lifestyle & self-sufficiency


An extraordinary experience to talk about

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