Meet Our crew

This adventure would have been impossible without the crew to take care of the boat and to sail her around the world. Meet the sailing enthusiasts who have dared to take up on the challenge and sail the distances and oceans they have never sailed before. 

Saša fegić

Chief, Skipper, MasterMind

Sailor to the bone, Saša was born and raised in Zagreb, but caught the sea flu early on, so he has been sailing since the age of 12. He took his 1st formal sailing lessons in 1992 from Mladen Šutej, aboard this very boat, HIR 3. Skipper for over 20 years, former charter manager and sailing entrepreneur, his life revolves around sailing, so it was no surprise he had a dream to circumnavigate the world. Choosing a neglected vintage sailboat to do it may have been a surprise, but his persistance left no doubt he would make it. He chose the toughest route because it was supposed to be the fastest and the cheapest way to get around the globe and it took us by the southernmost bar at  YC Micalvi in Puerto Williams, the coolest place to take a beer. Admitted to prestigious society of Cape Horners, Saša is only the 2nd Croat who sailed around Cape Horn ‘the proper way’ and the only one who sailed around the world under Croatian flag  ‘the wrong way’, via tough Southern route and around 3 great capes.


Marina Đukanović

Sailing Squaw, 1st mate

A marketing consultant in tourism, corporate refugee, freelancing for sake of her sanity. Grown up on the island of Lošinj, it took 40 years to step aboard a sailboat, but just one round trip to fall in love with both sailing and the chief sailor. 
Sailed out with initial crew on the 1st leg, 5 months across the Med and to Cape Town, which made har cross the Atlantic twice, by accident. In 2020 Marina returned aboard in Mar del Plata, for the 7 months of final leg and yet another Atlantic crossing. Creative in galley and resourceful for impromptu solutions, Marina has a strange affection for night watches and dead calms. 

Nebojša Petrović

Yoga Master, Engine Whisperer

An experienced mechanic from Zemun, Serbia freelancing as a cab driver in Zagreb, Croatia while studying to become yoga master and growing into sailing boots in ANA Sailing Academy and aboard HIR 3. Boarded HIR 3 in Cape Town, on a route across Indian Ocean and Pacific, he sailed around 3 great capes over 15 months and, completing his lifetime adventure, he disembarked in Mar del Plata. In the long hours of solitude aboard HIR 3 he discovered a deep passion for writing and sharing his wisdom. Vegetarian and cat lover. Burek master aboard HIR 3.


Master Chef

 An IT expert by profession, but in fact a master chef by vocation, a true “kogo” indeed.  Once aboard, his main concern is to feed the crew, so he thrives in the galley, juggling pots, pans and herbs. Even on the toughest of the seas he can prepare delicious pasta and no matter how seasick one is, it is impossible to resist his food. 

As for most of IT guys, for Andrej free time is just a wishful thinking, but when he is not working or cooking, he is sailing and, with his wife Jelena, training their little daughter Gaia to become a big sailor.  Crew aboard HIR 3 for 5 days only, but hopefully going to board again.


Hammock King

 An IT extrovert, if you can imagine one, an oxymoron walking and always smiling. An experienced sailing enthusiast that is always keen on jumping aboard for a sail, even for a day. 

Quick to hoist up spinnaker pole, quick to fix a mojito, he was the quickest to set up a hammock. 

Crew aboard HIR 3 for 5 weeks, from departure in Mali Lošinj all the way to Las Palmas, Canaries, cheering up the rest of the team and perfectly timing the cold beers.

Branislav Bojić

Seaman without the Sea

 A mechanical engineer in the armour industry, he is the founder of YC Kragujevac, Serbia and a passionate skipper awaiting for retirement to set sails across the seas.

Sailing across the Mediterranean all the way to Cabo Verde, 7 weeks aboard HIR 3, is a part of the preparations for the sailing retirement.

The only one of us who has a proven ability to catch a fish and feed the crew. Also the only one who has attempted to sail through the Gibraltar heaving to!

ivana kordić

Tea Ceremony Master

 A student of law way behind her schedule, applied for crew in attempt to force herself to study hard and finish exams before departure…  

Boarded HIR 3 in Cagliari, Italy for a 3 week leg to Las Palmas, Canaries. 

Volunteered to cook, but demonstrating creative and peculiar ways of brewing tea in tin biscuit box and a soup bowl, she got excused from the kitchen for safety reasons. 

Zorislav Kiš

Mini Sailor

Zorislav is experienced skipper and boatowner that has sailed his mini sailboat on lakes, rivers and across the Adriatic. Applied for the longest and most difficult leg, across the Pacific and around Cape Horn, he joined HIR 3 on a short 10-day leg between Las Palmas, Canaries and Cabo Verde, to check how he feels offshore. He soon discovered that he does not get along well with ocean swell and dislikes the empty horizon, so after only a day on the Atlantic he came to conclusion that he had enough of the ocean and offshore sailing.  

Tihomir mlinar


Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, Tihomir moved abroad and welcomed us in Melbourne, Australia. He provided local support and, with his family, he was a great host. 

He had a long desired wish to sail offshore so he joined HIR 3 on a short but difficult passage through Bass Strait, on route from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia. It was a tough passage, but he survived. Now he claims it was the best experience ever, despite the cold and harsh conditions in Bass Strait. 

nelson rabak

Sailor Under Pressure

A successful denture business owner and a passionate sailor, Nelson spends every available moment between his own sailboat and his family, combining these two in an annual family cruise along the Adriatic coast. in 2019. he and the family sacrificed their traditional family sailing to fullfill his heart’s desire to sail offshore and take part in HIR 3 adventure, so Nelson flew to New Caledonia to sail from Noumea via Vanuatu to Fiji. As every comitted businessman, he was under pressure to be back on time, a stress one can’t shake off so easily, not even on Fiji… 


Want to see your picture here?

There is still time and available bunks if you would like to join our crew. Sailing experience is highly appreciated, but not critical. What matters the most are the personal qualities and capability to get along with the rest of us, as well as to endure long periods of digital isolation, solitude and silence.


Skills like cooking, mechanical and electrical repair, carpentry or other boat related skills are always welcome.

Meet Our shore crew

Preparing the boat for the adventure around the world was as important  as sailing it and friends who have generously donated their time, skills or equipment to complete the boat preparations count as shore crew. While sailing, we have limited access to internet and communication – it is the shore crew that keeps us in touch with news, media and provides support in scheduling ports, completing administration and arranging spare parts shipments, wherever we go. Sometimes they are as valuable as the sailing crew.

Marina Đukanović

Sailing Squaw, 1st mate

Member of HIR 3 core crew even when not aboard, Marina was in daily contact with sailing crew, making sure everything is alright and when it was not, helping to fix it – providing medical consultancy, finding and shipping spare parts across the globe, communication with port authorities and sorting administrative formalities. Also keeping in  touch with media, sponsors and supporters of all kinds. 


News Guru

After disembarking HIR 3 in Las Palmas, Canaries Ante decided it is his responsibility to keep us informed. Ever since, for over a year, no matter how busy his day is, Ante provides us with a daily digest of news headlines.

Sometimes we can figure the news behind it, sometimes we are puzzled by the headlines, but we are always happy to receive his daily newsletter and we read it out loud along our coffee.

tomislav živković

Žika the Godfather

IT engineer specialized in online security,  deeply in love with the sea and sailing. Successfully managed to resurrect the autopilot in picture and an IridiumGO! router, so he’s officially our go-to electronics whisperer. Almost managed to join the crew in Puerto Williams, but weather and timing were not aligned. His letter essays are legendary and each has been read out aloud, accompanied with heaps of laughter. A true writer in disguise. 

tomislav bradić

1st mate ment-to-be

RYA master and instructor at ANA sailing Academy, Tomislav was one of first supporters of HIR 3 revival, volunteering to crew her around the world as 1st mate. Previously a journalist, he provided valuable media exposure to the crowdfunding campaign that attracted attention of few sponsors and numerous individual supporters. Unfortunatelly, as reality kicked in, work commitments and pandemics hindered Tomislav from joining the crew at one of the legs. 


maja polić


A skipper, ethnologist, art historian, cruise manager, tour director and guide. One of the initiators of Sailing across the Oceans Project and the restoration of Hir 3. A dreamer and a motivator, Maja took part in the early stages of planning, promotion and restoration of Hir 3. Although the creative partnership ended due to conceptual and creative differences, Maja kept supporting the project until its end and is very proud of its success.

Jure Prusac

Las Palmas Connection

A friend of a friend, instructed to provide us with a welcome to Canaries, Jure showed up within minutes upon our arrival to Las Palmas. He took 5 of us around Gran Canaria and took us provision shopping. He is found guilty for purchase of 15 pound prosciutto we never managed to open aboard. We are deemed guilty for inspiring him and Marian for buying a boat. They are proud owners of Caprice. We claim  innocence. 

Hamilton Calabrich

Salvador, Brazil

Grandson of a Croatian emigrant, Hamilton is the local liaison for Croatian Embassy. He showed us around Salvador and introduced us to numerous local specialties. We are eternally grateful to Hamilton for discovering green coconuts and moreover for the key to easily open them!

Fran Hržić

Indiana Jones

A world traveller, foodie and general life pleasures conneisseur, he escaped from Zagreb to Brazil to marry a beautiful wife, always wear shorts and write novels. Previously a restaurant owner, Fran showed us the open markets of Salvador and introduced us to lots of delicious food at affordable prices. Oh, and he makes mean caipirinhas!

Tihomir mlinar FAMILY


After our 2nd loss of forestay, in Bass Strait, this Melbourne based Croatian family adopted us for a few days, to recover and recuperate. We claim we don’t care much for Holidays, but it surely felt good to be part of a family for Easter breakfast.

 Mlinar family is a proud Patron of HIR 3 Sailing Tribe and an avid supporter of our endeavour.

marin rosandić

Sydney Connection

Nobody like a sailor to help a sailor! Marin excelled in providing much needed long-distance assistance in emergency after Bass Strait forestay loss.

A Croat teaching French to kids of Sydney, he is a passionate sailor with a Sydney-to-Hobart experience.

With his wife Meave he got us a berth in Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and showed us to good times in Sydney Harbour. We might have overused their hospitality and driven Meave out of town for a few days, for which we apologize. 

goran kačurov

Auckland Connection

Goran is another Croat who ventured Down Under with his family, settling in Auckland New Zealand where he teaches traditional music and dances to young Croats and, just for fun, coaches few guys from Samoa and Tonga to sing in Croatian too.Trusted with taking care of us by his friend Vedran Mlikota, he took it very seriously and recruited numerous local Croats to provide us with supplies for Pacific crossing. They almost sank the boat and some of huge tins of baked beans will eventually make it to Croatia.


Budapest Connection

High profile business manager from Budapest who jumped the last-minute opportunity to sign up for the crew around Cape Horn, but not before he thoroughly inspected the boat and the crew aboard.  Boris was quick in his decision to support us in so many ways and he proved  crucial in re-obtaining our visas for South Africa. Not sure if it was his boss or his wife who denied final approval for Pacific crossing, but we are sorry he couldn’t make it around Cape Horn with us. His weekly letters have been our favourite entertainment and each was read out loud.


Elvis ačko

El Presidente

A hospitality professional and a skipper, Elvis is the co-founder and president of YC Dobro more. We call him ‘El Presidente’ but ‘El Comandante’ would be more appropriate, for he is always managing everyone and everything, making impossible things happen. Keen supporter of HIR 3 restoration from day 1, he did his share of hard work to help her sail again.

krunoslav car

Power Wires Wiz

An electrical engineer with no permanent address. Thanks his skillful hands, HIR 3 has been completely  rewired and we have electricity aboard, including the anchor windlass. A true livaboard, Kruno has been a source of useful information, advice and recipes for life aboard. 

zoran šuša

The Care Taker

A sailing enthusiast from Pula, Zoran knew about HIR 3 before us. When we bought her and announced ambition to restore the boat, he volunteered to pay weekly visits and take care of airing the boat and pumping out the water, while she was still in poor condition. Once HIR 3 was repaired and sailed out, he took care of visiting and entertaining our family while we were away. A true care taker. 


Online Presence Manager

Owner of probably the best online charter agency Macrocruise, Zoran was for 6 months our online alter-ego during 1st big leg of the expedition, making sure our thoughts, news and updates are regularly posted and sent out to our Tribe. 


Online Presence Manager

Online marketing professional, equally passionate about food, sailing and sharing stories, he was the obvious choice for our 2nd online presence manager. Apart from sending out our newsletter and carefully timing Facebook posts, Saša helps a lot with various online registration forms omnipresent in time of COVID-19 pandemics.


Is this a spot for your picture?

If you happen to live along our route and are willing to give us a hand, show us around and help us find local suppliers for spare parts or sail repair, or you can just show us to good grill and cold beer, send us a message and we will be happy to meet you. 

sail with us

Get inspired!

HIR 3 is probably one of the most inspiring sailboats around. She inspired adventures, books, documentaries and much more. Recently she inspired a pop song.

This red beauty loves to sail and she will easily make you fall in love with sailing too.

As soon as current expedition is over, a thorough refit of HIR 3 is due, to bring it back to full glory. Then, we hope to sail her again and everyone from our Sailing Tribe is welcome to join us.

Follow us and stay tuned for regular updates or join the Tribe by supporting us via Patreon for early announcements and a chance to come aboard.